Since having started as an animator for the hit Comedy Network TV series Kevin Spencer in 1998, Sean has gone on to develop a strong skill set across all facets of video production. He went on to work with many of the city’s top television producers who sought him out for his distinct visual style.

His advanced knowledge in editing, motion graphics technology and 3D animation have afforded him the opportunity to work with several high profile clients throughout his career, from Nokia to Alanis Morissette, the 2010 Winter Olympics and even The Ultimate Fighter.

Sean has developed in-house video departments that, under his management, went on to win multiple awards for video productions including W3s, Tellys and Daveys.
Whether it’s live-action, 2D animation, or 3D graphics, Sean is a skilled artist in all arenas.

Email: sean@onemarketing.ca

LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/pub/sean-cusson/90/990/210

Watch some of Sean’s work here!


  • Strategic Planning & Content

    Jud Rasmussen

    Strategic Planning & Content

    Jud drives a baby blue minivan. He loves it. Sometimes he has a beard, sometimes he doesn’t. He drinks coffee because he has children. His children have caused his coffee addiction. He is always willing to talk about your marketing needs over a coffee. Always. Sometimes he even buys. You can learn more about Jud by clicking here.

  • Creative Director

    Scott Fair

    Creative Director

    Scott is shorter than he looks, loves argyle sweaters and breeds cute, curly headed children in his spare time. He orders coffee every time he goes out, but often forgets to drink it. That full mug of cold coffee at your Starbucks table? That belongs to Scott. If you have need of creative design (not bland design), you should meet Scott. Learn more about our Creative Director here.

  • One Nation

    Guy Matthew Freedman

    One Nation

    Every month Guy gives himself a new nickname. ‘Rico’ was our favourite but it didn’t stick. Funny names aside, words are important to Guy. If words like reconciliation, renaissance and resurgence mean something to you then grab a coffee with Guy. Read more here.

  • Fundraising & Sponsorship

    Sara Piracha

    Fundraising & Sponsorship

    By day Sara is a highly sought development consultant offering close to 20 years of experience in both non-profit and corporate sectors. By night, she’s Batman. Not really. But as a wife and mother she’s a superhero of sorts. She’s also your go-to person for fundraising, sponsorship and corporate development. Visit Sara’s bio page here.

  • Creative Director, Video

    Sean Cusson

    Creative Director, Video

    Sean shaved once. Once.  There weren’t any witnesses mind you and his wife claims the blade touched his legs, not his face. It doesn’t matter though because Sean is our main man BEHIND the camera and the one focused on making others look good. If you require a video. …any kind of video…he da man. Learn more about Sean here!