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Why Should I Care?

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Who are you? What do you do? Why should I care?

Take a moment and answer those questions. The first two should be easy. The copy is likely on your website. The last one won’t be as straightforward as you may think.

Who is the ‘I’ that you will be speaking to? All people, clients, partners, members, donors and colleagues are not the same. If your message is too generic, and most messaging is, it will fall on deaf ears.

Now, if you manage to determine who all of the ‘I’s’ are in your marketing relationship network, and are able to articulate why each should care about what you do, then riddle me this:

How does each person, each ‘I’, prefer to receive and consume content? Tough one eh?

If you would like to learn a bit about content marketing check out this article.

If you just want to relax for a moment,  here is Diana Krall singing Why Should I Care

Is Your Marketing Adding Value?

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Marketing is often a self-serving activity. Your organization wants (or needs!) more money, more members or more exposure. Usually those three and more. In some cases though, you can address your needs while at the same time providing value to others. If executed properly it can be marketing at its finest. Everyone wins.

As example, we recently worked with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association ( on the development of a new site designed to serve and educate the Canadian public. Take a moment and think about what you would do if you twisted a knee while golfing. Straight to emergency? Unlikely. Book an appointment with your doctor? Perhaps, but I doubt it. A betting man says that the average person will get home and type ‘twisted knee’ into Google.

Everyone wants to self-diagnose. Bad back? Google. Sprained ankle? Google. Chronic knee pain? Google. It is what we have been conditioned to do. We recognized this and worked with the CPA to build a site where people could find what they were looking for. is a site packed full of information that is, increasingly, being generated by Canadian physiotherapists. The public can find useful information, members of the Canadian Physiotherapist Association can share their knowledge and experience, while at the same time subtly promoting their own practice, and public awareness of the benefits physiotherapy is raised.

See what we did there? 🙂 Win, win, win.

A Social Media Checklist

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There are two types of people I try to avoid in Marketing:

1. Those who seem to have an answer for every question

2. Those who have the word ‘guru’ attached to their name in any way, shape or form

No one knows everything, and the world of marketing is always in flux as new tools and tactics become available. This is why checklists are important. When you are juggling 10 balls at work (or in our case, 10 clients) and trying to meet deadlines even something that many would deem as obvious can get overlooked.

I found this Social Media checklist the other day when reading It’s being used to promote a book, but it’s still a good checklist.

Social Media Checklist


Great Lines

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I have been attempting for the past 30 minutes to find away to make this post about Marketing. It’s Friday afternoon and I’m drawing a blank. I’m posting it anyway, cuz it’s packed with fantastic dialogue. This is the way Scott and Guy speak all the time.