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The Power of Simple

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The work we do with Not-For-Profit clients frequently reminds us that, more often than not, a simple marketing exercise is more effective than a complex one. Clever campaigns can be great and fun to produce, but clever can also be costly and take a longer time to execute. Sometimes simple can get the job done well.

We recently worked with Volunteer Canada to build out a web-based Volunteer Recognition Tool. Eight multiple-choice questions in French and English. That’s it. Very simple. On the surface it would appear to be too simple. How could something that basic have an impact or bring about change?

Well,  there are 12.5 million volunteers in Canada. The summarized results of each tool submission tells a volunteer manager how that person, that volunteer, prefers to be compensated or recognized for their work. These volunteers contribute 2.1 billion hours of time each year. They represent 1.1 million full time jobs. They are vital to the Canadian economy.

So this simple tool and marketing exercise, with it’s colourful branding and eight multiple-choice questions, can have a big impact.


Volunteer Recognition Tool copy


Great Lines

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I have been attempting for the past 30 minutes to find away to make this post about Marketing. It’s Friday afternoon and I’m drawing a blank. I’m posting it anyway, cuz it’s packed with fantastic dialogue. This is the way Scott and Guy speak all the time.