One Marketing has made a concerted effort over the past decade to work with Not-For-Profit and Member based organizations. To these clients our services include philanthropic corporate development, fundraising and sponsorship, strategic marketing, web development,video production and creative design.

This line of business is spearheaded by Sara Piracha and Jud Rasmussen. They are supported by Scott Fair and Sean Cusson when clients wish to explore video production or branding.

To date we have had the great pleasure of working with:

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association
The Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada
Canadian Psychological Association
Ottawa Carleton Lifeskills Inc.
Volunteer Canada
Cooperative Development Foundation of Canada
Boys & Girls Club of Ottawa
Canadian Audit and Accountability Foundation
Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation
Media Awareness Network (now MediaSmarts)
Information and Communications Technology Council
Health Partners
Open Doors for Lanark Children and Youth
Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine
Kemptville District Hospital
Kemptville District Hospital Foundation

Canada’s Building Trades Union

International Federation of Biosafety Associations

Community Information Centre of Ottawa
Canadian Live Cancer Foundation
211 Ontario
Canadian University Council of Chief Information Officers
United Way
iSisters Technology Mentoring
Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health
Diefenbunker Museum
Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons
Mississippi Valley Textile Museum
Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario
Watson’s Mill
Salus Corporation
Bytown Museum
Experiences Canada
St. Patrick’s Home & Foundation
Ottawa Catholic School Board

Ottawa Symphony Orchestra

Chicken Farmers of Canada

Jud Rasmussen

Jud Rasmussen

Strategic Planning & Content

Jud drives a baby blue minivan. He loves it. Sometimes he has a beard, sometimes he doesn’t. He drinks coffee because he has children. His children have caused his coffee addiction. He is always willing to talk about your marketing needs over a coffee. Always. Sometimes he even buys.

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Scott Fair

Scott Fair

Creative Director

Scott is shorter than he looks, loves argyle sweaters and breeds cute, curly headed children in his spare time. He orders coffee every time he goes out, but often forgets to drink it. That full mug of cold coffee at your Starbucks table? That belongs to Scott. If you have need of creative design, you should meet Scott.

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Sean Cusson

Sean Cusson

Creative Director, Video God

Sean shaved once. Once. There weren’t any witnesses mind you and his wife claims the blade touched his legs, not his face. It doesn’t matter though because Sean is our main man BEHIND the camera and the one focused on making others look good. If you require a video. …any kind of video…he da man.

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Sara Piracha

Sara Piracha

Fundraising & Sponsorship

By day Sara is a highly sought development consultant offering close to 20 years of experience in both non-profit and corporate sectors. By night, she’s Batman. Not really. But as a wife and mother she’s a superhero of sorts. She’s also your go-to person for fundraising, sponsorship and corporate development.

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