The Cobbler's Kids Have No Shoes - One Marketing Inc.

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When One Marketing incorporated in August of 2010 we had already been up and running as a business for four months. It took us another six months after incorporation to get a web site up.  Had another agency in town not ridiculed us online, questioning how we could claim to build websites when our own business didn’t have one, we likely would have gone years site-less. We took a week and hammered out a web site. It remained unchanged until May 2014. As the saying goes ‘the Cobbler’s kids have no shoes’. We were too busy looking after our clients to look after ourselves.

I think that our clients appreciated that though. Our desire to put them first.

As we pushed the ‘publish’ button on this new site I silently wondered how long it would take us to design and build the next version. After all, we’re still Cobblers.

As reference, here is the ‘Who We Are’ page from our first corporate site.

The First One site

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