About One Marketing

A Brand Enhancement firm based in Ottawa, Canada.

Incorporated in 2010, One Marketing Inc. is a Brand Enhancement Agency based in Ottawa, Canada. The company works with Not-For-Profit, Private Sector and Government organizations to develop, enhance and manage the relationships necessary to their health and success. We offer a broad range of consulting, branding, marketing, creative, web and video production services.

We provide an abundance of experience and talent, senior resources, and the ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

One Marketing is part of the Federal Government's ProServices Supply Arrangement and has a Standing Offer number with the City of Ottawa for Communications and Marketing Services

"One Marketing continues to deliver.
Their video and creative work has been outstanding. I’m very happy we found them. "

Rui Perdigao, Director of Marketing & Communications | Ideal Protein

Leadership Team

One Marketing fields a team that’s “been there and done that”. We know how to cut through the noise so that our clients’ time and money are best allocated. We know how to align Marketing, Branding and Communications resources with organizational objectives. We understand how all of the pieces are supposed to fit together, the stress of tight timelines, the frustration of working with web developers (seriously), the fear of not hitting fundraising targets and the importance of getting it right the first time.

Jud Rasmussen


Jud drove a baby blue minivan. He loved it. He now drives a silver minivan. It's okay. Sometimes he has a beard, sometimes he doesn’t. He drinks coffee because he has children. His children have caused his coffee addiction. He is always willing to talk about your marketing needs over a coffee. Always. Sometimes he even buys.

Sean Cusson


Sean shaved once. Once. There weren’t any witnesses mind you and his wife claims the blade touched his legs, not his face. It doesn’t matter though because Sean is our main man BEHIND the camera and the one focused on making others look good. If you require a video…any kind of video…he's your man.

Scott Fair


Scott is shorter than he looks, loves argyle sweaters and breeds cute, curly headed children in his spare time. He orders coffee every time he goes out, but often forgets to drink it. That full mug of cold coffee at your Starbucks table? That belongs to Scott. If you have need of creative design, you should meet Scott.

Sara Piracha


By day Sara is a highly sought development consultant offering more than 20 years of experience in both non-profit and corporate sectors. By night, she’s Batman. Not really. But as a wife and mother she’s a superhero of sorts. She’s also your go-to person for fundraising, sponsorship and corporate development.