Sean Cusson

Since having started as an animator for the hit Comedy Network TV series Kevin Spencer in 1998, Sean has gone on to develop a strong skill set across all facets of video production. He went on to work with many of the city’s top television producers who sought him out for his distinct visual style.

His advanced knowledge in editing, motion graphics technology and 3D animation have afforded him the opportunity to work with several high profile clients throughout his career, from Nokia to Alanis Morissette, the 2010 Winter Olympics and even The Ultimate Fighter. Sean has developed in-house video departments that, under his management, went on to win multiple awards for video productions including W3s, Tellys and Daveys. Whether it’s live-action, 2D animation, or 3D graphics, Sean is a skilled artist in all arenas. In fact, Sean is also One Marketing’s in-house photographer and music director! How talented is he? In 2017 he was nominated for ‘Best Electronic Artist’ at the Toronto Independent Music Awards. Cool eh?

Skill-sets and Services

• Skill-sets and Services
• 3D modeler / animator
• 2D animator
• 2D/3D compositor
• Camera operator
• Editor
• Photographer
• Director
• Producer

Recent projects

• Professional Services and Procurement Canada – Accessibility videos (x5) (motion graphics)
• Canada's Building Trades Unions– Conference videos (live motion)
• International Federation of Biosafety Associations – Singapore (live motion)
• Standards Council of Canada - Working from Home (motion graphics)
• Canadian Health Coalition (motion graphics)
• Fisheries and Oceans Canada (motion graphics)
• Ideal Protein – Fundamentals of Ideal Protein (2D animation)
• Ideal Protein – Initial Appointment Guide (2D animation)
• Carte Blanche – St Nickel (TV show)
• Canadian Physiotherapy Association – “A Physiotherapist’s Journey”
• Canadian Psychological Association (3D motion graphics)

Leadership Team