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How do key stakeholders view your brand? Are your marketing and communications efforts effective? What do members think you could improve on? Are you effectively engaging all partners, customers or donors?

If your organization doesn’t have a clear view of what is happening today planning for tomorrow is going to prove difficult. One Marketing can help clarify your Brand or Marketing vision.

Every business or organization has ideas about what it wants to do. A review of organizational objectives determines what it needs to do. The variables of budget, time and resources end up dictating what can actually be done.

If you are trying to determine how to best move from “here” to “there” from a marketing or brand perspective, the team at One Marketing can help.

There is a tendency to focus on logos, fonts and colours when the subject of branding is brought up within an organization. A brand however runs much deeper than its visual elements. In the end your brand will be defined by what people say, and how they feel, about your organization.

Regardless of how comprehensive you want your brand development or enhancement exercise to be, we’ve got you covered.

Not-For-Profits and Associations are complex, multi-layered organizations full of hard working people striving to make a difference to their members and, quite often, society at large. Focus and structure are paramount to their success.

If you’re looking for senior consultants who are experts in Governance and Policy development, who can guide, lead and work with your Executive Team and Board of Directors, look no further.

Fundraising and Sponsorship are the lifeblood of most Not-For-Profits and Charities. One Marketing is one of those rare creative agencies that offers world-class consulting in this area

If you need a plan AND a company who can execute that plan, contact us today.

Effective Creative Design should be noticeable, memorable and professionally done. It should work well across all media platforms and support, if not augment, the corporate or campaign message.

We believe in collaborating with our clients and recognize that their input and experience can help produce material that better resonates with the target audiences.

Our Motion Graphic videos are second to none and our Live Motion videos, shot in beautiful 4K, are used for corporate overviews and fundraising events. Regardless of your budget or need, the One Marketing team can produce something compelling.

Videos for Corporate Overviews, Fundraising, Training and Social Media campaigns are all part of the job.